What do we do?

  • Pet sitting/walking
  • Water your plants
  • Check your house when you are away
  • Bring in your mail
  • Light cooking
  • Laundry
  • Run to the bank, dry cleaners, pharmacy, etc
  • Do your grocery or gift shopping
  • Run to the post office, get stamps, or drop off packages
  • Wait for service/repair or delivery people

Ask us about special group and business rates!!!

We run anywhere...so you don't have to!

Walk Pets, Pickup Groceries, Wait for Repairman

Who's running all these errands?

Mrs. Bobbie Ritenour will be your gracious courier when you hire Errand Runners to work for you. She is a local to the
Winchester area and recently retired as a Winchester City school teacher after over 33 years of service. You can trust
your chores with Bobbie!!!


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